D-Day School Tours

The D-Day school tour is designed to give school children a basic overview of the events of June 6th, 1944 in an enlightening and fun-filled way. Our business easily complements the history syllabus and brings alive events that at this stage the student can only read about ...

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Group Tours

The group tour is perfect for the retired older age group by expanding their knowledge base, open new horizons and share new ideas, father and sons, clubs, business groups or for those who just want to go along to enjoy visiting all the major areas of action associated with the Normandy beach landings.

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Tailored Tours

The tailored tour is personally designed for veterans and their families. It will follow the battles of a unit or division name/number and end in one complete story.

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Then and Now

We are an Irish tour company based in Ireland. When Trumpets Fade was created with a view to keeping the memory alive to the many brave people who fought and died during WWII, and the sacrifices they made through giving their lives for their country.