Why we are different

We differ from other companies in the way we conduct our tours.  Firstly we offer a professional guide and an in-depth knowledge of WWII events that took place here. The tours are structured in such a way that they are very easy going and allows you time to properly walk the ground to absorb the sites without feeling rushed.  Our tours are not crammed with numerous places to visit so therefore you will avoid that rushed and ‘confined to a bus’ feeling.

We have designed the tour in such a way that you will feel relaxed when you arrive at the site and enjoy a nice chat with our professional guide about all the events that took place there, the various personalities and the army divisions on both sides involved.  Then you can have your own time to wander around and take in the unique atmosphere that surrounds these locations.

The second important feature is our ‘Then and Now’ book format where we have taken several contemporary photographs that were taken during WW2 which those of you on our Group or Tailored Tour will receive.


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