Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial at St Laurent

The cemetery was built and is maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission. The site was chosen for its historical importance as it overlooks Omaha beach and it is on the site of the original battle cemetery.  It covers 172 acres and contains 9,286 burials with 307 that are unknown. The crosses are all made of marble and Medal of Honour winners are all lettered in Gold, the most famous of which is Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt who died of a heart attack.

The memorial consists of a semicircular colonnade with a bronze statue which symbolizes the youth of America. There is a coloured mosaic that show three phases of the campaign and from here the visitor can look over a silent reflective pool to the rows and rows of white marble headstones. There is a garden in the shape of an arc of a circle to the missing where 1,557 are named but who have no known grave. There is an orientation table that gives the visitor an overall view of Omaha beach just in front is a footpath that leads down to the beach itself.






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