German Cemetery at La Cambe

La Cambe was in fact an American cemetery originally where both sides buried their dead.  In 1947 the Americans moved all their dead to St Laurent overlooking Omaha beach where it is to this day.  In 1956 work began on concentrating all the German dead to six cemeteries in the area. The German People’s Organisation for the Care of War Graves was established and continues to care for La Cambe cemetery and other cemeteries like it.  In September 1961 the work here was finished.

When you enter the cemetery you will find rooms inside that have the grave registers, and the walls with the names of the missing on them.  There are about 115,000 visitors a year to La Cambe. The German graves are marked by flat stones engraved with the names of those below. There are 21,160 dead buried here and under the ossuary are a further 296 in a mass grave in the centre of the cemetery. One grave of note is that of SS Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittmann, Germany’s legendary Tiger tank ace (Block 47,Grave 3, 121F).




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