Longues-sur-Mer Gun Battery

Longues-sur-Mer gun battery had four gun positions and a two storey observation bunker, anti-aircraft guns, trench systems and search lights.  In each of the casemates there was a 155mm rapid fire naval guns.  When D-Day started with the allied naval bombardment, the battery replied nearly hitting the ship HMS Bulolo with the result HMS Ajax opened fire on the battery with 114 rounds, this silenced the battery but the Germans repaired one of the guns and started to fire again, the ship Georges Leygues opened fire and scored a direct hit and this time the guns fell silent for good.
The garrison finally surrendered to the 2nd Devons advancing from Arromanches with 120 prisoners taken.

Today it is the only piece of Hitler’s Atlantic wall where the visitor can still see the guns in their original casemates, the observation tower is in good condition where you can still climb up into it and get a nice view of the sea from the German side.




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