Ouistreham Grand Bunker Museum

The tower here is 52 feet high and is the only Major German work left in Ouistreham.The job of this bunker was one of a flak tower designed to control anti-aircraft defences to the harbour and also to cover defenses at the entrance of the River Orne and Orne Canal .

On June 6th the tower came under attack from British and French commandos but the Germans inside held out for three days, it was only when charges were placed against the door and ignited did the Germans inside surrender.  In 1987 it was fully restored and now houses a museum where the visitor can see many interesting things, like the generator room, gas filter rooms, machine gun emplacements, telephone exchange, radio transmission room and observation post. There is also a nice display of weapons, uniforms and items found in the dunes over the years. Outside is an 88mm flak gun, a V-1 flying bomb and one of the invasion boats from D-Day.


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