Utah Beach

On the morning of June 6th the weather was overcast with continuous rain and low clouds.  Ships that had sailed through the night reached their areas off Utah beach, landing craft were lowered from landing ships and men climbed down large nets over the side of the ships and got into them ready for a choppy ride towards the beach.

The boats were LCVP (landing craft vehicle personnel) carrying 36 men, they were supported by other craft with tanks, M7 Priests -105mm self propelled guns, anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers.  The 4th Infantry Division (Ivy Division) waited in these boats until the signal came to go.

A pre-planned naval bombardment and bombing from the air began on the German gun positions and resistance nests, destroying many of the mine fields and bunkers, and therefore greatly reduced the German ability to fight back.  The landing crafts approached the beach and found the landing relatively easy, This was due to the fact that strong currents and heavy winds forced the landing crafts to drop the troops in the wrong place about a mile away from the planned landing area.

Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt junior, assistant commander to the 4th Infantry Division (the only general to land during the initial assault ) saw what had happened, uttering the famous words “we’ll start the war from here” began to sort out the mistake which in the end proved to work out well as there were only about 200 casualties compared to the slaughter on Omaha beach.The end of the day saw 23,250 men land safely on the beach and then begin to move inland and link up with the Paratroopers who had landed earlier that morning.




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